Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

At Heartland cleaners  we provide proper care and expert cleaning on wedding gowns.

In order to ensure that your cherished gown remains in the best condition possible we test the fabric and check the composition of every material to help us determine which cleaning method is best to use. 

After a careful inspection, wedding gowns are properly treated for stains.

Then, wedding gowns go through a gentle yet thorough cleaning process that eliminates spots without causing harm to any fibers, beads, sequin, trim or lace.

After wedding gowns are properly cleaned, they are steamed and hand finished to perfection. They are then inspected for quality and carefully packed in an acid-free wedding gown preservation box.

Our heirloom system will help your wedding gown maintain its pristine condition for future generations. Let us help you keep your memories through your lifetime.
Heartland Cleaners



At Heartland Cleaners we provide you with a high-quality and environment-safe dry cleaning process that will leave you 100% satisfied. We use state-of-the -art machinery and cleaning techniques to meet your dry cleaning expectations.

First, if needed, your garment (s) go through a pre-spotting and stain removal process. Then, they go into the dry cleaning cycle. After your garments have been properly cleaned, they go through a second inspection for any missed spots. If the garment (s) passes the second inspection, it goes to the pressing area, otherwise they get re-processed. Finally, an experienced and skilled presser will finish the job using special 'finishing equipment' to make  sure your clothes look and feel as good as new!

   Shirt Laundry


Heartland Cleaners provides you with professional laundry services that will exceed your expectations.

Once your dress shirts are dropped off they are carefully inspected  and pretreated for stains, focusing on the collar and cuffs.

For optimum results we use a special and gentle bio-degradable detergent that will make your shirts look cleaner and brighter. Upon request, your shirts can also be processed with light, medium or heavy starch. Starch helps your shirts look
crisp and fresh for a longer period of time.

Our state-of the-art finishing equipment is specially designed to create a professional finish. Collars and cuffs are precisely pressed and rolled to perfection. Finally, dress shirts are hand-finished for accuracy and quality.

If during the laundry process a button goes missing, we will replace it free of charge!

We also offer boxing services to make travel easy and convenient.     
Expert Alterations and repair

With only minimal instructions, our off-site expert tailor can perform all types of alterations on all types of garments and fabrics. From routine pant hems to jacket modifications our professional tailor can make your garments look and feel the way you want them.

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